Another Moraine Bear



Aki and I are back on the glacial moraine. It’s early in the day—too early for wind to raise a ruffle on the Dredge Lakes. It’s also too early for other dog walkers to appear. On our last visit my little dog discouraged a black bear that must have been attracted by the herring scent floating off my coat. But since then I’ve washed the coat and we are on a different section of the moraine.


We drop off a raised trail to where we have an unobstructed view of Moose Lake. A white strip of fog separates lakeside cottonwoods in full fall yellow from a spruce-green mountainside. Reflected in the lake, the fog underlines the cottonwood trees. I take several photos of the scene and look at them on the camera view screen as we return to the trail. “This is why we are here, little dog,” I tell Aki and then say, “Uh-oh.” Aki, who apparently knows the meaning of “Uh-oh,” goes on alert and looks down the trail where a 100-pound-plus-pound black bear has just stopped walking toward us. With fluffy, shinny back fur and round belly, he has the just-moussed look of a bear full of fish fat. When Aki growls, it slowly turns around and trots away from us down the trail. “That’s it, little dog, I tell the ten-pound poodle mix, we are not coming back to the moraine until hibernation time.”


8 thoughts on “Another Moraine Bear

  1. Alison and Don

    Wonderful photos, and worth the visit to see such beauty, but I’m with you – no more visiting the moraine until after hibernation. I lived in the Yukon for 10 years and did *a lot* of wilderness hiking, but never did get over my nervousness about bears. I heard too many stories I guess.

  2. Margaret Hedderman

    Beautiful photos! Would love to visit Alaska someday… I didn’t see many bears this summer in Colorado – except for the youngster who decided to watch me belay my climbing partner for a minute or two!

  3. glendacouncilbeall

    We have black bear here in the mountains of Western North Carolina and recently one was seen walking through out little town on the sidewalks. He moseyed on out of town and down to the river and out of sight. No one bothered him and he bothered no one. But I’d be scared to meet on on a trail. I love your little poodle mix. I had a poodle for 19 years. I loved him and he was so, so smart.


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