Kinda Lost in the Troll Woods


Aki and I are deep in the Troll Woods. All four of her legs are encased in snow. She stops every minute or so to shake her head to dislodge the snowballs attached to her muzzle and forehead. She wouldn’t have snowballs on her face if she didn’t plunge it into the fresh snow. But loves to plunge.


Yesterday’s storm dumped a foot of new snow in the woods. The resulting white blanket undulates over the forest floor. It collects in a thick layer over snags. Some of the busted trees now look like dragons or eels. The snow also obscures the beaver logging trails we usually follow through the woods. So, we are lost in the sense that I can only speculate on the direct route to Chrystal Lake and the main trail back to the car. But we have the tracks my skis made at the start of this adventure. When I start to turn around, Aki dashes around me and heads back down the trail my skis made on the way to getting lost.


6 thoughts on “Kinda Lost in the Troll Woods

  1. Dan Branch Post author

    The “troll” in troll woods is not the mean spirited mean kind that haunts the internet or one of J.K. Rowling’s creations. It’s the ferry tale kind. Seems like my troll wood is the kind of place one of these guys would live. Several inches of electric-green moss cover the forest floor. Big chunks of it seem to eat the trees. The canopy lets in little light but during the morning and afternoon, low angle sunshine can reach through the trees to light up the moss. “Tracks,” one of my recent posts has a better picture of it.
    Also, one summer. while a Russian friend of mine was walking with me in the woods, she asked if we were lost. I said “no” and pointed to the trail. She said that they had similar woods back home where trolls played tricks on humans by making trails that lead nowhere. I’ve been tricked like this by beavers that log cottonwood trees in the woods. Their trails often dead end.


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