Light Before the Storm


Even as we enter gray autumn, Nature can splash Chicken Ridge briefly with sun. It usually happens when night gives way to day. This morning we had the added bonus of a double rainbow that arced above Gastineau Channel from Douglas Island to Mt. Juneau. It faded as the wind rose and rain began to spit. With the windshield wipers engaged, Aki and drive out to North Douglas to get a feel for the coming storm.


We walk along a boardwalk trail protecting a fragile muskeg meadow from foot strikes. This is not a popular dog trail so Aki has to make do with the scent markings of wild things. When not sniffing, the little dog walks at my heals, stopping when I stoop to test the ripeness of lingon berries.


The trail leads to a beach where small surf breaks on the rocky shore. Light fog softens the profile of Admiralty Island but we can clearly see an adult bald eagle trying to fish. It fights for hovering position over a fish and then flies over to a beachside spruce with nothing in its talons. If the wind rises any more, we will have to hunker down.


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