Wise Tourists


Sealed up in high-tech rain gear, I lead Aki up Basin Road and overt the wooden trestle bridge that connects town with the Gold Creek valley. Tough little dog, Aki pulls ahead, an occasional body shake her sole acknowledgement of today’s storm. Ahead, four tough tourists walk up the road, their only defense against the rain are the whisper-thin ponchos they bought at a tee-shirt shop on South Franklin Street. One wears shorts and flip-flop sandals. Not one has a hat. Standing across the valley from a swollen waterfall, they discuss whether to press on or return to town. Normally, I’d encourage them to take the Flume Trail loop back to town but it’s only 45 degrees and a suddenly intense rain shower is defeating their cheap ponchos. If they give in to the storm, I’ll have to make sure that they recognize the initial symptoms of hypothermia. Wise, as well as tough, the tourist turn back to town.


6 thoughts on “Wise Tourists

  1. Hanna

    ‘I’is no shame to turn around’. That’s a Norwegian saying when it comes to acting wisely in their mountains.
    It a scary thought to be trapped in bad weather without a proper gear!

  2. Kilmo

    Well written mate. Don’t know why though, where’s it going? I wouldn’t repeat ‘tough’ either. Anyway, fair play, keep doing it.

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