I once stood on a sled pulled by 8 honest dogs past the tracks of wolves circling a winter bound moose. Now I follow a small poodle mix over land  around Juneau Alaska still rebounding from glacial ice. It’s still new country, from the earth’s point of view, wedged between ocean and ice fields. Aki has little to say. I usually describe what can be seen from the trails we use but have been known to wander off to write about the eclectic.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. walktx

    I enjoy your blog. You are a writer, are you not? I seem to remember a post where you attended a writers conference.

    Do you ever read other peoples works, and provide them with comments. I’ve attempted to write a book. It is probably “lame” at best but I’d like to get a real writer’s opinion. I’ve actually published it online with smashwords.


  2. Earth Bound Traveler

    I just read your work for the first time, called “Jewelry.” I thought it sounded almost poetic. Great post! I enjoy reading about your hikes with Aki up there in beautiful Alaska. As Cindy said before me, Alaska is on my Bucket List as well. Maybe we will cross paths one day! Take care!

  3. Dan Branch Post author

    Thank you for the kind words. I was impressed with your essay. I don’t think I’ve read anything better at helping the reader to understand bi-polar symptoms.


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