beachAs Aki and I work our way around False Outer Point, I have the vague feeling that I should be celebrating something. The weather gives no cause for a party with its rain that soaks Aki and eagles alike. I’ve seen and heard whales from the point but there is little hope of that today. The advance guard of humpbacks are already chasing each other around Maui. Just off shore a gang of gulls gives a play by play our progress. Their screams and calls could pass for music in this gray silence. Now I remember. This is the anniversary of “Walking with Aki.” Sometime this week I should take the little dog up the Fish Creek trail, which I described in my first blog entry. Thankfully, these Southeast Alaska trails are rich enough to stimulate five years of blog posts. Even on a day like this one, when memories provide more to think about than this rocky beach in flat light, the little dog and I find cause to doddle.rock


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