Lingering Color

lake 2Aki loves this part of the moraine, not for the lingering fall color that underlining the glacier or the chance to spot a fishing eagle. She loves all the dogs that we usually encounter here. Right now she plays with a terrier that could almost pass for a miniature schnauzer. My little poodle mix bows, tail wagging, and dashes a few circles around the stunned terrier. The terrier figures it out and runs a few circles around the little poodle mix. The whole time the terrier’s owners call for him to follow them down the trail.lake

This morning unexpected sun shines on the Dredge Lakes and no wind blows off the glacier.. The moraine lakes form perfect mirrors that reflect mountains, glaciers and what is left of the fall color. Lakeside cottonwoods look gaunt—more branches than leaves, more brown than orange. Two bufflehead ducks etch the Moose Lake mirror with their wakes. Near the opposite shore, a female red duck almost blends into a reflection of willows. The buffleheads might stick around until freezeup but the red duck, like the lingering cottonwood leaves, will soon be gone.
lake 3


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