ducksAki should be as frustrated as me. The only dog she can smell is locked up in a fisherman’s truck. Otherwise, it’s all spawned out salmon the eagles and gulls that feed on them. She wisely ignores all. It’s the eagles that frustrate me. We have seen at least five this morning since walking onto the Sheep Creek delta. One flew right over my head as I focused at a dead silver salmon that had been wrapped in seaweed left by the retreating tide. The bird, a mottled brown immature bald eagle glided over us to snatch a chunk of salmon from the foot of a gull. Now it tears away at the carcass just a hundred feet away. I know that in these low light conditions the old camera I brought won’t capture any detail. I click a few frames anyway, walk to the channels edge and startled a harbor seal that had surfaced 20 feet away. A raft of Barrow Golden Eye ducks explode into flight as my old camera tries to focus on their escape. Two mature bald eagles, perched on a channel marker 200 feet away turn their heads as if to spare me more shame.eagles


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