Leaving Home

I’m back in Juneau, where Aki gave me a hard stare before going back to sleep. We will work things out soon. But tonight, I took advantage of some quiet time to measure changes that took place while I was gone. At least, that was my initial plan. I did a quick check of the yard, finding lettuce and spinach for our next dinner. Then I went inside to check out the photos of Montana I took during my trip to the family ranch.

            We took several days to make it to the ranch, spending the weekend with cousins in Missoula and time on the Flathead and Blackfoot reservations. I ate rich food—too rich, forcing me to switch to garden lettuce and other greens.

            By the time we reached Great Falls, I was just eating salads. We had good weather while visiting the ranch with lots of will visitors. A small gang of antelope watched us on the ranch road. But we saw no mosquitos, only a thick invasion of tiny grasshoppers.

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