One Swan Swimming

I had little reason to walk the beach at Mendenhall Lake. The lake ice has melted as did the shoreline snow. Already shorebirds are preparing nests near the glacier’s edge. But there was still a chance to spot the swans. I had already photographed a trumpeter swan feeding on Auk Lake. May there would be more on the Mendenhall Lake.

            It seemed odd that the Auk Lake swan was alone. When not feeding or grooming, it would let out a sad sounding “ko hoh.” I never heard a response. There were four swans when I passed by the lake last week. Today there is only one. 

            The other three swans were not at Mendenhall Lake when I looked for them later in the morning. But it was flat-ass calm. The lake perfectly reflected the surrounding mountains but not the glacier ice. Another puzzle to go with the presence on Auk Lake of the sole swimming swan. 

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