Transit Birds

Aki seems content to stay home this morning. She must know that it is raining. Unless we have a little luck, we are both going to get soaked on any walk. Normally, I’d drive us over to a heavy forest where the trees would give us a little protection from the storm. But I have a feeling that migrating birds might be taking a feeding stop at Fish Creek. We have a chance to see birds that will spend the summer up north.

            If Aki could speak English, I’d try to convince her that we need to visit Fish Creek. That won’t be necessary. The little poodle could throw on the brakes when we reached the trail. But she won’t. Even at 14 years of age, she still feels responsible for keeping me safe in the rain.

             We didn’t see any people on the trail but there were plenty of traveling birds. A handful of green wing teal ducks ignored us as we neared them. They were too busy hammering food from a shallow pond. Soon, they will move further north. A gang of five lesser yellow legs hunk and peck food nearby. They chose to ignore us as well.  

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