Practical Crows

As Aki and I near Point Louisa, a gang of crowds seemed to be racing us to the island’s point. Cold wind and rain made me want to turn back. But Aki was having a great time sniffing down the trail and I wanted to figure why the crows were willing to point their beaks into the wind. 

            I found out after we reached the point where the crows had formed a line along the rocky shore. The tide was out, which exposed a diversity of shelled critters. Each crow poked its beak into rocky cracks until it could snatch up a mussel or snail. Then it would launch itself like a rocket into the air until the wind started pushing it backwards. Before it lost control of the flight, the crow would release the shelled guy and let it smash onto the rocks below. After a few more seconds the crow would begin chomping down a just-harvested treat.  

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