Holiday Snow

This forest is normally a little shelter from the storm, protected by the walls of trees and a thick canopy of spruce needles. Usually, Aki and I can pass through without being soaked. Today, a cold winter storm almost buried tree branches with snow, bending down evergreen limbs. Usually, the minute the temperature rises in the woods, snow sluffs off the tree branches, letting them snap back into place. Not today.

It’s warm enough this morning for the tree to shed last night’s snow. But white stuff still holds on to the smallest branches. I have to duck and dive my way down the trail to the sea. It all becomes more clear when I snatch some snow from a little spruce limb. It holds the same shape it had when attached to the tree branch as I slide it into my thirsty mouth. Last night rain fell and then mixed with the snow. The rain drops froze as they combined with the snow, helping it cling to exposed trees.

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