Just Us, the Crows, and Ravens

Only a few humans share the ocean boardwalk with Aki and I this morning. I wonder if that is why the place is full of confident ravens and crows. They take position on fence and lamp posts as we walk onto the boardwalk. In a few seconds we are about to passing pass three perched ravens. Each has its back turned to us as we approach.

            The ravens take off and fly a few meters ahead of us as we approach. They do this again and again and again as we walk toward Egan Drive. 

            Aki ignores the birds unless one flies low over her head. Then she snarls out a protest as they land on a nearby fence rail. After that she acts like they don’t exist. Decades ago, when I lived in a tundra house surrounded by a dog team, I watched a pair of ravens steal dog food from the bowl of one of my lead dogs. One raven flew low over the dog’s bowl. When the dog went after it, the other raven snatched some kibble from the dog’s bowl. When the dog leaped after that raven, the other one filled up on the dog’s food. 

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