Heron Surprise

The shape of a healthy of Snake Lake dominates the public map of Tacoma Nature Center. But this summer’s drought has reduced the lake to mud. At the lake’s center, only a small pond remains. Dozens of turtles sleep there on drift wood logs. Several dash into the pond when we approach. Minutes later they pull themselves back onto the logs. 

Leaves turning yellow, red or orange add a tiny bit of beauty to the day. But the lines of drying turtles provide the only drama. Then an old Japanese American man approaches the pond and stops to stare toward the edge of the pond. In a minute we realize that he is watching a great blue heron frozen at the edge of the pond.

The heron panics from the water, struggling to fly away. It twists and rolls until it has enough space to stretch its wings enough to lift him into the sky. In seconds he can glide over the tiny pond and into a tree covered by crisp, orange leaves. 

1 thought on “Heron Surprise

  1. friedab2015

    Kan iemand de schildpadjes verlossen van hun bedradingen … Wanneer het je lukt om de bedrading te grijpen … , kun je het schildpadje ervan verlossen … Je moet dan laarzen aan trekken tot je oksels … Ja, aangelijnd in een duikerspak: Doe het niet alleen of samen met de brandweer, want die halen ook verhongerde katjes uit de bomen hier op de Marcantilaan in Amsterdam. * http://www.friedabblog.wordpress.com * Amsterdam, 23 – 9 – 2020, 14.45 uur … Hollandse Zomertijd … Liefs uit Nederland!


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