Suprisingly Sweet

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Each year more than 60 inches of rain falls on Juneau. Most drops as mist or light rain. Today it hammers down on the town. In unprotected areas, strong wind drive it sideways. That’s why the little dog and I are in the Treadwell woods, which soften the wind and give us a little protection from the rain.

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After she does her business (bodily functions), Aki looks to be ready to return to the car.  She is already soaked through and her trick of shaking off accumulated moisture is not working.  But we both need exercise so I walk on, knowing that she will follow.


Even through it is a weekend day, the woods are deserted. The only beings on Sandy Beach are skulking gulls, and a small raft of golden eye ducks huddling behind a line of ruined wharf dolphins. I don’t bother to look for the two resident eagles, figuring that are 100 miles north gorging themselves on a late run of chum salmon, until they sing a harmonious duet.

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