The Love of Snow


Yesterday, while it rained on Downtown Juneau, it snowed on the Douglas Island ridge. Because she loves running through the stuff, I brought Aki to a meadow above the snow line. After doing her business, the little dog ran full out down the trail and then slid sideways, digging with her front paws. Since she never digs in dirt or beach sand, I have never understood why she does it in snow.


After burning off energy apparently stored up since our last snow visit, Aki follows me onto the partially frozen meadow. It must have been windy during the storm as the tree trunks are bare except for thin strips on the lee side of each tree.


When we are in the middle of the meadow, Aki charges away toward a thin copse of trees. She doesn’t bark or growl but her tail is up and wagging. I expect her to come back with a dog friend. But no one follows when she runs full out back to me. If she wasn’t chasing after friends, food or fiends, she must have been running for the fun.


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