New Art


It’s a cruiseship-free day, the first we have had for awhile. Since May the big panamax ships, each a floating hotel/casino, have blocked views of the Douglas Island ridge for those walking the docks. Now, the boats are gone until next May. Gulls, and a knot of homeless telling each other jokes, are the only ones relaxing in the new emptiness.


Near the parking garage, a city worker tears away the wrapping from a sculpture fabricated from stainless steel mesh. When mounted on the dock, it will resemble a DNA helix topped with a whale fluke. The city will install identical sculptures in a line along the length of the cruise ship dock, giving next year’s tourists a handy background for selfies.


Ravens watch the installation from their perch on top of the library building. Even the gulls seem fixated by the action. Maybe they can’t wait to start enhancing the new artwork with their scat.

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