Always Posing


I take many photos of robins this time of year. They are always posing. Today, on the gravel road leading to one of our favorite meadows, a robin stands fifty feet away. When neither Aki nor I try to catch it, the bird turns so we have a better view of its prominent red breast. It waits for Aki to finish her business and for me to bag the resulting product in plastic. Only after we move ten feet closer does the robin make a showy burst into the trailside alders.


Two robins seem to wait for us as we make our way back to the car. Aki runs towards one, which flies easily to a perch just a few feet away from the little dog. The other robin trots away slowly, stops, and when neither Aki nor I head toward it, moves back in Aki’s direction. My little dog, apparently bored with the game, ignores the bird. I want to tell the robins that they can save their breath for singing. We have no interest in harming their nestlings and so they don’t need to decoy us away from their nest.



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