Aki watches with apparent approval as I drop a bag of her poop into a bear-proof trashcan. A little dog that finds great value in dog feces and urine, she must think of trailhead rubbish drops as banks. If that were true, Aki and I would be rich. I don’t leave the house without a pocket full of crinkling plastic bags.

After making the deposit, I follow Aki to pond normally dotted with goldeneye and bufflehead ducks. This morning it is empty. Fish Creek that drains the pond, normally loaded with waterfowl, is another bird desert. We only find a greater yellowlegs working a shallow pond, two mergansers, and a clump of spruce overburdened by crows.


We can’t see the glacier through clouds but spot an Alaska State ferry making the Lynn Canal run to Haines. Sun streaks provide a bright backdrop for its passage.

Like the tourists now crowding the northbound ferry, the birds that normally crowd this creek delta have moved on to their coastal summering areas.



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