Magic Tree


I pass this tree each day on the way to work. It grows above a well used playground. In a month or so when spring’s leaves turn it into a great green ball, the tree will become transformable into a child’s fort or the perfect hiding place during a game of hide and seek. After the children go home it may provide screened housing for a tired bear. All this magic was made possible in the tree’s early days when a moment’s carelessness split apart it’s trunk so it could send out two massive branches. Bears and children still find uses for the cozy space formed by the resulting empty space..

You can imagine a school child on the first real warm day of Spring, full of that crazy energy Northerners get on such days, grabbing the sapling in order to propel himself to the front of a scrum through the brush. Maybe a bear, unaware of consequences, did it. As so often happens in this rain forest nature healed the tree and it lives on as a magic place for children and bears.

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