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Reuniting Porcupine Brothers?

Amalga PorkyThe sun shines on this porcupine in Amalga Meadows but not on the beach from where I had hoped to spot whale plumes and, if lucky, watch seals watching the little dog and me. A porky that looks a lot like this little guy (small size, big bald spot on back) has been “pruning” our young cherry tree. Even now, back on Chicken Ridge, it might be snacking on the tree’s still sweet limbs. I try not to hate this meadow porcupine for the sins of his Chicken Ridge doppelganger. On this tidal meadow, he only preys on wild things as dictated by evolution. Maybe he wants company—to share the meadow with his separated-at-birth twin now hammering our garden. It can be arranged.Amalga Fog