Break in the Rain

It rained hard last night. It’s still raining as I attach a waterproof wrap around Aki. The weather man claims that the rain will stop this afternoon and the sun will shine. But given this situation, we leave now so we can have the Outer Point Trail to ourselves.

            The rain starts to lighten up as we park the car and start down the trail. We have the parking lot and the trail to ourselves. After slogging down twenty feet of flooded trail, we reach a beaver dam. I can’t spot any beavers but the pond’s water lilies make the walk worth it. Most are yellow. For some reason, one is the red color of an Irish rose.

            The tide is once again out when we reach the coast. Two eagles watch us from beach spruce trees. My attention is drawn toward Shaman Island, where an eagle is chasing an osprey away from what might be the eagle’s nest.

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