On Set of Spring?

This morning, the temperature has already risen to 46 degrees. No rain or snow falls from the Juneau skies. Aki’s other human and I drive out to the Mendenhall Campgroup, hoping to secure one more use of our cross country skis before the snow disappears. We expect to come home and exhausted from our efforts. But it should still be worth it.

            As we pull into the parking lot, I worry about how Aki will be able to handle marginal trail conditions. Only two other car are parked here. We might be the only locals not to get the message—that rising temperatures are melting away snow on the ski trail. 

            The number of other skiers on the trail is low. But the conditions are great in spite of the rising temperatures. Our skis slide well. Aki can run without struggling down the trail. In an hour to two, the heat of the day may turn the trail system into a sloppy mess. But that won’t happen until we are back home eating lunch.

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