Exploitive Gulls

The temperature continues to climb this week. It’s 42 F. when Aki and I leave the car for a walk out to Point Louisa. For Aki, the trail provides a place to exchange information with other dogs. While I stand well off the trail each time another human approaches on the trail, Aki dashes over to visitor for a little sniff. I need to be off the trail to avoid any chance of Covid spread. Aki acts like she can’t catch the pandemic virus.

            Even though the temperature is well above freezing, We feel a bone-chilling blast of air when we walk on to the bare section of Louisa Peninsula. The base seems empty of birds and the sea lions we often see feeding on the protected side of the peninsula. There are scoters feeding on the protected side of the land, accompanied by two gulls trying for the goodies not captured by the hard-working scoters. 

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