Sloppy and Wet

It’s a terrible day for a walk. It was raining earlier in the morning but drops are now splashing onto our driveway puddles. I’ve just spent forty-five minutes trying to scrape super-heavy snow off the walk and drive ways. Aki is excited when I help her pull on rain gear. She waits at the door as I pull on hiking boots, then freezes in place after I open the front door for her. 

            Apparently motivated by her experience last night, the little dog looks ready to go back into our nice, dry house. I can’t blame her for rejecting a walk today. Last night she had to slip and slide down the road on the water-soaked ice. I tell her to trust me, that I spent a lot of time this morning shoveling out a path for us to reach the road. After giving me a hard look, she prances out of our yard.

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