Cruising Downtown

We could have gone cross country skiing this morning. It seemed an even better idea after the sun rose in a cloud-free sky. Then I thought about all the new legislative aides who brought their skis to town. They will soon be driving to a ski trail from their downtown apartments. After breakfast the little dog and I should have the capital city to ourselves.

            The sun was centered over Gastineau Channel when we left the house. Lines of clouds were drifting up channel, framing the blue sky. Every few hundred feet, we passed a car warming up. I walked out in the street most of the time to avoid slipping on the ice-covered sidewalks or passing too closely to a purring car. 

            There was a surprising number of empty parking places at the tail end of Gastineau Avenue. Some of the parking places were covered with piles of the kind of gear that homeless people tend to keep in their cars. The city must have hauled many of them away.

            We dropped down to South Franklin Street where the clouds were started to obscure the southern sky. The sun still shone to the north and no wind ruffled the channel surface. I tested Aki’s mood by leading her down a trail leading over the cruise ship docks. The little dog put on her brakes. I was about to return to the street when I spotted a bald eagle perched on a dock railing. I had to carry Aki to a spot there I could photograph the eagle. She whined and seemed to shiver. I thought to eagle would fly off but it didn’t. Probably enjoyed watching the little dog’s little whinny sideshow. It must have realized that I would not get close enough to photograph it.

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