Looking Forward

I guess the year 2020 will end much like the way it began: disappointing and maybe even scary. For the first summer in many years, no cruiseships docked along the Juneau waterfront. Very few tourists took planes to any Alaskan towns. I normally would have enjoyed being able to walk along empty docks on sunny evenings. But, like every other Alaskan, I chose remote hiking trails where we would be unlikely to run into someone carrying Covid.

             There were many Alaskans who chose to believe that the Covid pandemic was fake. If I ran into someone not wearing a mask in a store, I’d ask them to give me at least six feet of space. In Safeway, rather than give me the space, a tough looking and mask-less dude got in my face. Others would glare at me in a lumber yard when I passed through wearing a mask.

            Last week local health care work received the first of two vaccines. Hopefully before next summer, most, if not all rain forest dwellers will have been vaccinated. I think it will still be hard to convince Alaskans that it is safe to ride in a crowded elevator to shake a stranger’s hand. 

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