Wicked Wind

Aki is a hot dog. Not the kind you eat, the kind that pants to keep from overheating. The temperature would be considered moderate in places beneath the 49th parallel. But it is making us miserable. Hoping to find cooler temperatures on North Douglas Island, we drive out to the Rainforest Trail.

            A strong north wind rattles the car as we approach the trailhead. It raises three foot surf that slams the beach at False Outer Point. The waves release salt that flavors the air, mixing with the odor of spruce resin. 

            The wind can’t reach deep into the forest, which swarms with mosquitoes. They seemed too confused to bite. Closer to the beach, the strong breeze bends devil’s club and blue berry plants. On the beach, Aki keeps plants and driftwood between her and the wind. I wish I had brought a warmer shirt. The wind seems to have swept the beach clean of birds. The resident sparrows must be sheltering in the tall grass. 

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