Escaping the Storm

            A storm moved in last night, bringing high winds and wet snow. We can feel the wind shaking the house and see snow flakes slam into our north facing windows. They melt on contact, creating little streams of waters that combine then course down the glass. Aki does not want to leave home this morning. 

            Always the family’s optimist, I dress the little dog for bad weather and carry her to the car. This spares her a trot through deep, wet snow. She huddles on the passenger seat as I brush slush from all the car windows. We drive through a downtown emptied by social distancing orders and out the old Auk Village site. 

            Surprising both of us, the weather clears just before we reach the trail head. We walk on a bare trail. No rain or snow soaks Aki’s curls. Only the storm’s wind remains, raising half-meter surf.  Just off shore, a small raft of golden eye ducks keep themselves pointed into the wind. They ride up and down on the waves, diving on tiny fish helpless in the turbulent water.

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