Sheltering Raven

I heard a raven croaking disapproval as I walked home from Downtown Juneau. I am used to negative ravens, who usually pronounce judgment from exposed roof tops. But, this morning’s raven sheltered from wind and flurries of wet snow under an overhanging roof. I, bent into the wind, squinting to protect my eyes from driven snow, socks soaked by sidewalk slush, agreed with raven. This was a day to take shelter from the storm.

            Unfortunately, Aki still needed her walk. The little dog was all innocent excitement while being dressed. She charged out the door, took a few steps in slushy snow. 7 cm deep, and stopped dead. She would have gone back inside if I didn’t coax her out into the street. There she could walk in wet, but not slushy tire tracks. 

            Street traffic increased as we moved toward downtown. We could no longer walk in tire tracks. Aki minced her way along, lifting her soaked paws in and out of the slush. She even gave a feeble protest when I turned back. After being dried off at home, the little dog got an extra-large treat.

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