A Brief Glimpse of Sun

The sun is a surprise. We drove through a rain shower to reach the trailhead. Snow is predicted for this afternoon. But the clouds have split open like a smile and let the sun free for a few minutes. 

            Aki wants to doddle but I push ahead to reach the beaver pond, maybe even the beach before the sun disappears. The sun and Aki are both with me when I reach the pond. It sparkles on fracture ice fragments and enriches the reflection of tree branches and sky in a section of open water. 

            We still have sun when we cross a small muskeg meadow weighed down with snow. It turns a snow-cover spit blinding white after we reach the beach. It seems like every gull in Juneau is hugging the beach, as well as most of the golden eye ducks. Two little harlequin ducks huddle together on a sliver of beach washed of snow by the last incoming tide. They plop into the water as the sun disappears behind the clouds.   

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