Getting Colder

 Aki and I waited for the heat of the day to hike up to Gastineau Meadows. I warmed up quickly as I trudged up the snow-covered trail. Since the diminutive Aki floated over the snow, I worried that she might not generate enough heat to stay warm. Sunshine would have helped. But this time of winter, the sun won’t reach us here. Good thing the expect wind storm has been delayed. 

            Aki stalls out where the coyote tracks cross the trail. She does this every time we make this hike. She reluctantly moves forward when start back toward the meadow. But I look back more often to check on her. 

            The meadow is as gloomy as the trail when we reach it. My eyes are drawn to the surrounding mountains that reflect back sunshine thanks to their fresh covering of snow. Aki barks and charges ahead to greet a hiker descending the trail. Since she is warm enough to wag her tail, she will be okay. 

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