The Beauty of Bright Sun on New Snow

I was almost too tired to go on a walk this morning. It took me two hours to shovel ten inches of last night’s snow off the drive and walk ways. My body wasn’t interested in clumping along a snow-covered trail. But the little dog, she does love the snow, especially fresh, soft stuff like this. It is perfect for dog rolls. 

            It takes me ten minutes to free the car from its snow burden. Aki waited inside, shaking with anticipation. We drive out to North Douglas Island where the trails run under an old growth canopy that should keep out most of the snow. While the Douglas Island ridge keeps us in shadow, low-angled sunlight lights up the glacier and its mountain consorts. Strong sun on new snow—is there anything more beautiful little dog? Aki is too excited to answer.

            Only a few inches of white cover the parking lot when we reach the Outer Point Trailhead. This shouldn’t surprise me. The trailhead sits in the middle of our driest micro climate. Aki runs down the trail unimpeded by the snow dust covering the trail. A varied thrust watches us round the beaver pond and hurry toward the beach. 

            The same strong sunshine that lit up the glacier hammers the snow-covered beach. It acts like a spotlight for the gulls that sleep on offshore rocks and a small raft of swimming goldeneye ducks. Then the snow clouds return to block the sun as the little dog and I move back into the forest.  

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