Bluebird Snowday

Last night, after the last snowfall, we saw the moon for the first time in weeks. This morning the sun replaced the moon. As it arced across a bluebird sky, the little dog and I headed out for a walk in the sunshine. 

            As the temperature hovered in the low 20’s F., I parked the car near a wetlands access trail. Normally the little dog hangs back at the tree line when I walk onto these wetlands. Something once scared her here—an eagle or gunshot. Today, apparently unaffected by the memory, Aki trots along beside me. She must have caught my “snow day” mood. 

            An incoming tide floods the wetland channels, breaking up the thin sheets of ice that formed after the last ebb. Ice-free areas of water reflect the snow-white brilliance of mountains across the channel. 

            After her initial enthusiasm fades, Aki starts edging back toward the tree line. Reluctantly, I follow her back to the trees and then to the car.  We drive up to a mountain meadow where fresh snow weighs down the boughs of bull pines. I had planned a long wader around the meadow but muskeg has yet to firm up. Aki can’t do her usually race, drop, and roll in the new snow. After soaking in the sunshine, we head back to town. 

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