Point Lobos

Wolves make Aki nervous. If here with me on California’s central coast, the little dog might have refused to join me on this hike across Point Lobos. I won’t see any wolves while exploring the point. But there will be seals and sea otters.

After walking through spare woods, I reach an area of coves and islands. Generations of cormorants have whitened bare cliffs above a sea otter bay. They seem to watch a family of otters ride up and down on the swells. Around the corner a couple of Canada geese have positioned themselves near a bench where hikers like to lunch. What ever happened to the once wild birds?

I ignore the honking geese and move on to where I can look into a protected cove where an adult otter is teaching its young one to swim. The baby, looking like a big puppy, tries to cling to mom. Each time the mom pushes her baby away. Finally they face each other, tails straight down. The mother breaks off the embrace, forcing the baby to work out how to swim on its own.

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