This morning broke sunny and blue. Three mountain goats grazed above us on Mt. Juneau as Aki and I headed out for a cruise around downtown I needed a light jacket at first but soon found myself carrying it. Crocuses opened to the sun in south facing yards. I silently thanked the gardeners who squatted down to plant bulbs in the rain last November. 

            We pass the tiny Russian church, thankful for the person who refreshed the gold paint on its onion dome. I seem to be giving thanks often this morning. Aki looks thankful for the sunshine warming her curls and the chance to check the trap line of scents she maintains on the downtown streets. 

            On South Franklin Street, a man carries a Styrofoam container from the homeless shelter to the stoop of the Red Dog Saloon. After taking a seat, he raises his face to the sun. His takeaway breakfast sits uneaten beside him. It will fill his stomach even when it loses its heat. Then he will have at least two things to be thankful for.

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