Scattered snowflakes are falling on this mountain meadow. An hour ago the sun shone here.  The deer that left tracks on the trail might have stood in the sun. Did he stretch his neck in happiness the sun warmed his hide?Aki, who has known only snow on this walk, ignores the question. 

            I’m pretty sure that the little dog feels a range of emotions. She can bark in anger or melt into my arms with a look of bliss on her face.  What emotions drive the wild deer? They can panic. A doe protects her fawn like her human counterpart would. Love motivates the human mom. Is the doe only driven by instinct? 

            Humans can feel joy, like I did last night while watching a surprising sunset. I suspect that domestic animals might feel joy. What else could explain the display Aki puts on when her humans from vacation? But I wonder if wild animals like the deer and bear experience joy. 

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