Mountain Meadow

Looks like the fawn is still alive. Aki’s responding look implies that I am  stating of the obvious. We both can see the little deer’s fresh tracks in meadow snow. I wonder if the stuck-up little dog bothered to note the tracks madeby an adult deer that I spotted near the tree line. She definitely recognized the ones left by a wolf as it leaped seven feet across a half-frozen watercourse. These she marked with her pee. 

            What will the wolf think when it returns this way tonight? Will she honor the little poodle-mix’s territorial claim or douse Aki’s scent with her own stream? 

            It’s a day to enjoy the mountain meadow’s beauty, not to predict a predator’s behavior. Because it is in the shadow of the Douglas Island Ridge, the meadow will spend the day in the shade. But the sun shining off Mt. Juneau and the other peaks that line Gastineau Channel almost blinds. The sun rich mountains are rich in beauty when seen when standing here in the half-light of dusk. 

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