Raiding Raven’s Cache


Last night, at the end of Aki’s before bedtime walk, the little dog lingered in the cold to smell a spot in the yard crusted over with snow. Before this morning’s sunrise, she asked to let out. It was 24 degrees F. at the time. Since she usually likes to sleep in, I was puzzled. When she didn’t return right away, I went out side and found her munching on a piece of sliced bread. I stopped her half way through the feast and brought her back inside the house. Minutes later one of the neighborhood ravens carried away the remains of Aki’s found meal. I had just been trying to work out how Aki managed to find a slice of bread buried in the snow. Mystery solved. She had raided the raven’s cache. I doubt if the bird will make that mistake again. Too bad for you, Akio.

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2 thoughts on “Raiding Raven’s Cache

  1. Kate

    One day I found a Brussels sprout in our yard and I figured a Jay or crow left it there. At the time we had groups of deer feeding on the acorns daily plus the usual squirrels and rabbits. I mowed that yard for over a year and kept kicking that old Brussels sprout around, and over winter’s not one critter was desperate enough to gnaw on that sprout. I finally picked it up and threw it away. That says a lot about the flavor of a Brussels sprout.

    1. Dan Branch Post author

      I wonder how slugs feel about Brussels sprouts. If none of the animals in your neighborhood like them, maybe our slugs would leave them alone if I planted a row in our garden. Thanks for sharing the story.


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