Tough Little Dog

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Aki and I are sloshing down a trail that circles the Outer Point beaver pond. The beavers worked hard last night to build up the dam. But their edifice leaks water that floods part of the trail and erodes other sections of it. For the first time I feel a little fear that the dam may give way. If it failed now, the little dog and I would be washed away.

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Aki is so low to the ground that she has never seen the water on the other side of the dam. Even if she could see it, I doubt if she would care until a cascade of water swept toward her.

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We move to safer ground and follow the trail to the beach. The tide has covered the beach, leaving us only a narrow strip of gravel on which to pass. Even this is encroached on by waves slapping the beach. Aki pushes on ahead until a wave splashes her with water. In a micro-second the little poodle mix whirls around to face her nemeses.  A frightened dog would have dashed down the beach where the trail cuts into the forest. But Aki stands her ground, ready to take on the sea.

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