Storm Break


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This morning sixty knot gusts knocked over trash bins and ran away with our newspaper. On North Douglas Island it shattered at least one hemlock tree. Enjoying a hike during a storm break, Aki and I have to step over the fallen tree in order to finish the Outer Point Trail.


The storm threw another impediment in our way. Recent rain raised the water level in the beaver pond to the flood stage. Little cascades flow over the beaver’s dams and eat away at the trail. A small portion of the trail is covered with pond water. Aki prances through the flooded parts. I find an alternative route through the woods.

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After working around the downed tree, we hear loon song coming from the beach. It continues after we leave the woods, joined by the work songs of sparrows. Our arrival coincides with a break in the storm. One shaft of light strikes Shaman Island and reaches across Lynn Canal to light up Lena Point. The loon continues its operatic chant even after the gray returns. But the sparrows go silent at the first fall of new rain.

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