Taking it for Granted

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A matched mallard pair speeds across Moose Lake. Spooked by another dog walker, their flight is driven by a need to escape, not to reach a destination. When they near the opposite edge of the lake the ducks throw up their wings, hover for a second and then splash onto the lake’s surface.

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The mallards move back toward the center of the lake and disappear into a reflection of Mt. McGinnis and the glacier. Being able to witness action like this by ducks that are common as pigeons in a park is something we take for granted. I am going to try not to do that in the future.

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Thanks to our local beavers, the parameter of Moose Lake is shrinking. Someday it will be a meadow and ducks will have to find other water where they can fish and feed. That’s how nature works. Sometime in the too near future the glacier that now launches icebergs into Mendenhall Lake will retreat from the lake and become a hanging glacier. That’s on us who contribute to climate change.

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After the glacier’s retreat arctic terns will no longer be able to rest on icebergs that come to ground near their nesting site. Cruise ship tourists will ride boats across the lake so they can scramble close enough to the glacier for a selfee. Locals will remember the time…

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