Back to the Gray


Holes formed this morning in the impenetrable gray curtain that had hid Mt. Juneau from sight, revealing flanks of freshly flocked spruce trees. I loaded Aki into the car for the short drive to Sheep Creek. The little dog shoots down the beach, now frozen sand covered with two inches of firm snow.


For once no eagles sulk in the beachside trees to discomfort her. I follow her down the beach, happy to see portions of the Douglas Island ridge highlighted by sunlight. Otherwise, Paynes gray is the dominate color of the morning.


While Aki searches for sign, a shaft of light paints the waters of the Gastineau Channel with a pearly strip. The tug towing our weekly supply barge from Seattle moves toward the brightened water. But the sun and its fancy lighting disappear before the tug driver can enjoy a few minutes in the spot light.


2 thoughts on “Back to the Gray

  1. nomespinner

    Dan, I enjoy these posts so much. We lived in Juneau for ten years back in the 80s, and your posts evoke many happy times hiking the glacier trails, walking the beaches, ice skating on Auke Lake, enjoying the wildlife…so many wonderful memories. While I don’t miss the constant rain and gray skies (we moved to Fairbanks in 1990), I still miss the incomparable outdoor life in Southeast. We quickly learned to put on our raincoats and GO, no matter the weather. We also had a small dog, Polly, a poodle mix who lived to the age of 16 and was always in the vanguard or bringing up the stragglers as we hiked the trails. I look forward to your posts…thanks!


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