Plenty of Gas


Aki is only a blue-grey dot back down the trail. She might be standing and staring. More likely, she is sniffing or peeing. But I wonder if she is still recovering from yesterday’s ski. We are back on the lake and like yesterday we have a sun and blue-sky canopy to move under. We also have a gentle wind in our faces but that shouldn’t slow down the little poodle mix.


Worried that Aki is feeling her age, I suggest to her other human that we ski the shorter, inner loop to give our eleven-year-old pup a break. Maybe she needs a recovery day. We decide to wait. There are several kilometers between us and the junction where the shorter trail breaks towards Skater’s Cabin. Seconds later Aki catches up and passes me.


The lake is almost empty of dogs and their people. If yesterday the glacial lake seemed like a crowded amusement park, today it feels like an open-air library.


Yesterday, Aki dashed back and forth between her people. Today, with two kilometers to go, the little dog trots along with me. Then, she spots a skate skier moving down the inside loop and runs full speed for a half a kick until reaching him. When Aki realizes that she has not chased down her other human, she spots the right target and charges off again, this time in the right direction. She still has plenty of gas in the tank.


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