Snow and Ice


Today we went higher up the mountain where Aki could find some snow. I wanted to see if the current stretch of cold weather had finally frozen a favorite mountain stream. We both got what we wanted.


Aki’s snow covered a sloped mountain meadow with a two-inch carpet. Frost butterflies added another five. Even though the trail was empty of dogs and other people to welcome, the little poodle-mix galloped with purpose for 100 meters. Then she turned to run back at top speed.


Once reunited, we dropped down onto my creek. It still ran free. But crystal-ice had turned rounded rocks into grey jellyfish and trolls.

3 thoughts on “Snow and Ice

    1. Dan Branch Post author

      Around here feather-like frost forms on plants during cold, wireless nights. But recently it has been forming in the shape of butterflies that are holding their wings up and out. So I decided to give them that name. Thanks for the question. And Happy New Year


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