Before the Wind Arrives



Besides me, only the dogs seem to be enjoying this cold, breezy day. Their owners act like they are satisfying a burdensome obligation rather than sharing quality time with their pets. Aki finds two guys willing to chase and be chased by her. But even the little optimist cringes when hit by wind gusts.


This evening 65 mile-an-hour winds will sweep down Taku Inlet and up the channel to hammer the Treadwell beach where Aki and I now walk. They will make the expected 21 degrees F. feel like minus 4. The wind will drive any sand not held in place by snow or ice into exposed persons or animals. Already devils created by wind gusting down the Sheep Creek Valley dance across the inlet. They don’t seem to bother the mallards and gulls that float in the surf line as lethargic as children rising from a nap. Aki and the birds ignore each other. The little dog will be snug at home when the winds peak. I wonder about the birds.



4 thoughts on “Before the Wind Arrives

  1. cariboucrossingsak

    Beautiful winters there. I don’t miss the Taku though. Thought it was going to blow my windows in from my place on the beach in Douglas on a few occasions. But it’s beautiful when it stirs up the waves and walks on the beach require full-weather gear and the only thing showing is your eyes.


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