Aki’s Stubborn


Aki can be a stubborn little dog. This comes through each time we try to walk the flume trail. She’s fine until we reach the spot where the Christopher Trail drops down towards Gold Creek. Here she acts like death or at least dismemberment will surely come to both of us if we continue down the flume.


Today Aki’s human sister has a plan. I’m to continue on down the Flume Trail in hopes that Aki will eventually give in and trot after. This actually works at the Christopher Trail junction. But, not the second time she throws on the brakes near a nondescript rock. She looks up at me with a “”It’s okay, I’ll just eat cereal” martyr look. It changes into a “if you really won’t go back to the Christopher Trail, I’ll just make a home here next to this rock even through it won’t protect me from wind, rain, snow, or bears. After an embarrassingly short time, I gather the little brat into my arms and carry her down the trail.1

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