Rashes of Wild Flowers


Last year’s weather was kind to this mountain meadow and its wild flowers. Like the California desert after a wet winter, the meadow is the midst of a super bloom. In some places, wild rhododendrons and bog rosemary form a magenta rash. In other spots they only pox the meadow.2

The place is also thick with flowering heather and shooting stars. The later are fading from magenta to lilac as they slide toward their annual death. It’s all summer and promise until I spot young fireweed plants forcing their way skyward. Soon they will set stalks of magenta beauty while continuing to grow new buds. The blooming of these will mark the end of summer and mark the coming of wet weather. But in between summer and fall, the fireweed will fill the sky with feathery seed cases—reminding us of the snows to come.1


2 thoughts on “Rashes of Wild Flowers

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