The Feel of Snow


Living along a fjord that cuts through steep sided mountains has pluses and minuses. I feel the negatives most on January days when the sun barely manages to crest the Douglas Island ridge. Plato’s’ analogy of the cave rings true on those days. But today, Aki and I experience the benefits of fjord land.


After a three-mile drive from salt water, the little dog and I are crossing a mountain meadow still blessed with snow patches. It’s in the mid-50’s so I can get by with just a sweatshirt. Aki wears nothing. We visit this meadow each year just before true spring. The air is sweet and clean, as if expired by a land thankful to be free of most of its snowy burden. Thrush and robins sing, Stellar’s Jays scold. The little dog rolls in every snow patch we find and then runs it’s length, savoring the way it gives beneath her tiny feet.



4 thoughts on “The Feel of Snow

  1. MuseumMary

    The joy of this little grey dog is palpable in this image! But how scandalous: “Aki wears nothing!” Thank you for this dense but airy description – I now know another name for part of this advent of longer, warmer days …. those days before “True Spring.” Lovely, perspective-filled post, Dan!


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